Rebecca Ye is a sociologist
of education and work

Rebecca’s research takes place at the intersection of education and labour markets, and pays special attention to vocations, trajectories and temporality. These studies have allowed her to analyse education-to-work pathways that are institutionalised as well as pathways that are emerging and anticipatory. Relatedly, she has conducted research on educational processes and organisations with long histories (e.g. elite institutions), newer educational forms (e.g. higher vocational education), and processes that are undergoing change (e.g. transnational education strategies). Rebecca has research fieldwork experience in Singapore, the United Kingdom and Sweden. More on ongoing research projects and publications can be read here.

Rebecca is presently Assistant Professor (biträdande  universitetslektor) at the Department of Education, Stockholm University. In previous years, she has been a visiting academic at the Nanyang Technological University and the UCL Institute of Education, and has conducted research for policy and practice at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies and Institute for Adult Learning in Singapore. She earned her PhD in Sociology at Stockholm University and Master of Science in Sociology at the University of Oxford.

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