Remembering B

New term, clean slate. Starting it off right, with a Bourdieu vs Goldthorpe showdown. Timely, to remember the French sociologist who was a big influence on the decision to pursue what I currently pursue. Next week, 23 January 2012, marks the 10th year since his passing. I remember the day when I was watching theContinue reading “Remembering B”

The Weight of the World

To understand what happens in places like “projects” or “housing developments” as well as in certain kinds of schools, places which bring together people who have nothing in common and force them to live together, either in mutual ignorance and incomprehension or else in latent or open conflict – with all the suffering this entailsContinue reading “The Weight of the World”

Football leagues, school uniforms, gated communities, and more

“…if we feel excluded from the management of our collective affairs, we shall not bother to speak up about them. In that case, we should not be surprised to discover that no one is listening to us”. “Any effort to convert such interests into collective goals is usually undermined by the fragmented individualism of ourContinue reading “Football leagues, school uniforms, gated communities, and more”