All I Want is a Second or Two

My admiration & adoration for Swedish act Little Dragon will not come  as news for friends on Facebook (where I’ve repeatedly posted links on Yukimi and gang). Yesterday, nprmusic featured LD and you can now hear their third abum Ritual Union in its entirety. Make sure you have earphones on. This album will blow yourContinue reading “All I Want is a Second or Two”

Ed Harcourt in Singapore

The Englishman is mad. And a genius. Talent explosion at the Esplanade Recital Studio last night. I was watching his fingers on the keys the whole time, trying not to cry. Wish you were there to take in all the madness with me. This review by Yong Shu Hoong summed up the night: Lustrous troubadourContinue reading “Ed Harcourt in Singapore”


St Jerome’s Laneway Festival – Singapore leg – was a wet one. For the 10 hours we we were out on Fort Canning Green, it rained, non-stop. Initially, it was just a slippery slope. By the end of the night, it was mud-sliding action. No photos by then. Too messy. I reckon Singaporeans require someContinue reading “Rainway”

Imogen Heap Live in Singapore, 29 March 2010, Esplanade

the night: az 1 synth, wine glasses, joystick, sing-alongs, loops, loops, the stage a playground, lights in the trees and birds fly by, you, could have eaten a little of my fish. the highlight: hanging out backstage with imogen, while she had her wine and kit kat. Imogen Heap is an artiste you want to seeContinue reading “Imogen Heap Live in Singapore, 29 March 2010, Esplanade”