5 thoughts on “Lagos flavour, something like that

  1. Hey Fionnuala! I’ve always known them as Portuguese egg tarts — but I think some evolution did happen from then to now. It is indeed a custard tart. You know how things complicate with food and origins.

  2. allright babe. LOVING your photos as always. can you post more regularly, btw???

    anyhoo, since someone nominated me for this blog award and the rules say to pass it on i’ve decided to pass it on to you! so check out my blog for more deets.

  3. Hey becky… great photos! Well custard is made from eggs… and i guess the more yellow in colour they look, the more ‘eggy’ they look? Whereabouts did u get that eggtart from? When I was in lisboa, a portuguese friend took me to this place where the egg tart was created! It was divine with a cup of coffee..

  4. Thanks Cher, I will check out the details. Hope you + family been well!

    Hey Andy! Can’t believe I missed you in SG. Hope you guys have a good time. Could it be Pastéis de Belém? I had some. Actually three at a go. Magic.

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