St Jerome’s Laneway Festival – Singapore leg – was a wet one. For the 10 hours we we were out on Fort Canning Green, it rained, non-stop. Initially, it was just a slippery slope. By the end of the night, it was mud-sliding action. No photos by then. Too messy. I reckon Singaporeans require some days like these. We are after all living in huts with no insulation.

!!! (Chk Chk Chk) was absolutely fenomenal. Warpaint was very sexy to watch I think the guys died by the end of their act. Yeasayer and Foals were layers of sound piled in, musik-making at its best. Temper Trap was, unfortunately, the disappointment of the night. We left before the set ended. It was probably nicer listening to the echoes of Sweet Disposition bouncing off the walls of the city then watching the hyped-up set crumble into pieces.

All in all, damage done –  shoes had to be thrown out, mud-stained sundress soaked for days,  much needed DIY foot massage and pedicure. The things we do for musik and the things musik does for us.

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A Declaration of Dependence.

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